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Our basic service streams include Broadcasting, Film & Advertisement Production, Creative Media, Sound Studios and Optical Disc Replication/Duplication. During 2009 OPTICOACOUSTICI ventured into the field of Film Representation, representing over 1000 Foreign based films.

We are a one stop shop when it comes to audiovisual services. Broadcasting Services include Capturing transcoding services, color correction, Subtitling and noise reduction processing

Our Film and Advertising Production services for tv & radio offer: location scouting, scenario development, casting services, Executive Production Services.

We specializes in both short-form and long-form filming, TV commercial advertisements, promotional, corporate and Industrial video productions.

Our Creative Media Services include DVD-authoring, multimedia services, pre-production, to post-production.

Our Creative Media Services have been gaining popularity with our clients the past few years with 3d animation services.

Our Sound Studios include 4 (four) state-of-the-art SOUND processing STUDIOS with include music production, sound mixing, sound design for tv series, films and advertisements for television and radio.

Furthermore OPTICOACOUSTICI has invested in the most elaborate Optical Media Production Unit you will find in Athens.
It specializes in mass dvd, cd, vcd replication and duplication.

During 2011, OPTICOACOUSTICI embarked on subtitling services for IPTV specifications.

Specifically OPTICOACOUSTICI can provide:

Support of subtitling / dubbing on all broadcast formats.

  • Full non-linear , file based processing.
  • Delivery on each format in both SD and HD.
  • We deliver the subtitles on file AND burn into video.
  • Free DVD, WebTV or Low resolution file with each delivery.
  • Full Quality control of the deliverable.
  • MPEG 2, 15Mbit, LONG GOP, Audio PC or PEG, UPPER FIELD

OPTICOACOUSTICI offers its customers, Disaster Recovery hosting in our dataroom, at a low cost.

Broadcasting Services




Noise Reduction Processing

Color Correction

Film and Advertisement Production

Advertisment and Radio Spots


  • Production Management
  • Senario
  • Casting
  • Location scouting


  • Directing
  • Executive Production

Post Production

  • Editing

Creative Media

Corporate identity design and presentation


3d modeling

2d- 3d animation

dvd authoring



Sound Studios

Radio Advertisent Spots

Audio - dubbing

Sound mixing

Sound design

Oprtical Disc Replication

Dvd (5,9,10)



cd business cards


Quality Control of all Optical Disc Electronic and Geometric Parameters



MACROVISION anticopy Protection System