OPTICOACOUSTICI is a firm supporter of film festivals held in Greece, through its sponsoring activities through out the years. Our most recent sponsorships include:


International Science Film Festival

The 1st International Science Film Festival ever held in Greece, Athens, was organized May, 2006 by CAID (Centre of Applied Industrial Design), a non-profit organisation. In fact, the festival’s success has strongly made us realize the great interest of the wider public in science and research. Those were the first step to ever have been made in Greece in order to disseminate science and try to make it comprehensive to everybody. The International Science Film Festival includes scientific films addressed to the main public. The festival’s concept provides a unique forum for the discussion of topical and thought-provoking scientific issues in a way that is much more relaxed, informal and accessible than a public lecture.

The whole idea of International Science Film Festival is to put scientists and scientific productions face to face with the public. It's not about educating the public; it's about giving people access to a side of science and research that they're not normally given access to.

The International Science Film Festival constitutes a new place of public dialogues exploring people's aspirations, values and concerns for the science and technology of the future. No scientific background is necessary – just an interest in science. It provides an opportunity to debate the issues raised in an open forum whilst in a relaxed and informal environment.
To guarantee the quality of the Festival, CAID is always very cautious when choosing the Review Panel and Awards Jury members and invite well-known people from science communication, cinema and media accumulating experience during many years of hard work in the field.

For further information visit the caid site www.caid.gr/isffa

For sponsorship details http://www.caid.gr/isffa/sponsors.html


7th International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area

AGON, the International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean area, is being held every two years and it is organized by the non-profit association AGON. During the festival, archaeological, ethnological and folkloric films are screened, films which reveal and record a lost world, mainly from the Mediterranean area. The viewers will have the chance to ascertain that today’s archaeology all over the world, is not just holding on the past, but it is tracing through time, the essential sparks of knowledge.
During these last 12 years, AGON has developed in an institution with national and international recognition. In a time when Europe is full of archaeological film festivals (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland…), AGON is the only archaeological film festival in Greece, the country which is globally linked with the concept of Archaeology.

For sponsorship details http://www.sitemaker.gr/agwn/